Will Manufacturers Listen?

Although I wasn’t surveyed for the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) new report, “Going Green: An Examination of the Green Trend and What it Means to Consumers and the CE Industry,” it speaks for me. www.twice.com

According to the survey, “89 percent of households want their next television to be more energy efficient, and 53 percent of consumers said they would be willing to pay some type of premium for televisions with green attributes.”

An article in the Guardian this summer reported that nitrogen triflouride, a gas used to manufacture flat-screen televisions, has a greater impact on global warming than coal-fired power stations.

We need to take notice that products that seem innocuous are, in fact, harming the environment regardless of whether toxic matierals are actually inside the product or not, it is having a substantial negative impact. www.guardian.co.uk – climate change

Many who don’t have specific knowledge of the thousands of chemicals in our electronics and the volume of electronic waste exports that are dumped on impoverished nations, still want environmentally friendly products.

My TV at home is an Energy Star, but I didn’t know what it meant when I bought it – I simply knew it must be better for the environment – even though it was smaller and more expensive. When we consider the state of the planet, we shouldn’t be cheap – I believed this when I bought my TV, and it seems that the majority of people in the U.S. agree.

Rating a product according to the amount of electricity it consumes seems like the first step to me, but products should be rated on the amount of toxic chemicals they contain, packaging, and if the company will take-back the product when it’s all used up – recycling it properly without using prisons or developing countries to dismantle it.

If you are like me and care about this issue, but weren’t lucky enough to be surveyed, make sure your voice is heard when you purchase electronics by contacting the company and letting know what your values are. www.svtc.org

lauren Ornelas
Campaign Director
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

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