#9 – SVTC’s Top Ten: Why Solar Companies Must Take Back & Responsibly Recycle

#9 Mandatory recycling will allow companies to set up viable recycling financing systems.

Right now, recycling solar panels isn’t profitable. Maybe it won’t be tomorrow, or the next day, but it will surely remain inefficient and costly in twenty years if laws aren’t passed  requiring solar companies to invest in recycling systems.

Mandatory recycling laws can be structured so that solar companies can take advantage of the long life cycle of their products, approximately 25 years, to develop and test recycling systems that are economically viable and environmentally sound.

Once recycling laws are in place, there will be a level playing field, and that will allow more time for the companies to “get it right” and possibly incorporate some of the recycled materials in new products and recover some of the cost of developing the recycling program.

Having these types of systems in place will help prevent dumping overseas, the use of prison labor, and will truly protect the environment & human health.