Hazardous Waste from Solar Energy?

February 22nd, 2013

A recent Associated Press (AP) article on hazardous waste in the solar industry was widely circulated on the web and ran in most major media and TV networks.

If you’ve been following SVTC’s work, you know that hazardous waste from solar is news, but discussions about the solar industry’s environmental impacts are not new.

Since the 2009 launch of our solar campaign and Solar Scorecard, SVTC has warned that solar manufacturing technologies are similar to those of the semiconductor industry and that the solar industry risks having the same damaging life-cycle impacts.

The difference of course is, that this industry is supposed to be “clean and green,” and its purpose is to create energy without hurting the environment.

The solar industry will continue to come under scrutiny and will be accused of hiding its “dirtier side” until it gets serious about collecting environmental information, sharing it with the public, and setting goals to get rid of toxics.

Fortunately, the solar industry is still just getting started and can shake the legacy of hazardous waste—but it shouldn’t wait too much longer. SVTC will be sending out our 2013 solar survey soon…a perfect opportunity for companies to take action and not waste any more time.