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The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) team is packing our bags and off to Hong Kong and New Delhi, India, where we’ll be conducting primary research on the impact of e-waste in the regions. Our executive director Sheila, our intern Serena, and myself (lauren) will be chronicling our adventures in this blog and publishing video of the journey.


(photo credit Greenpeace)
E-waste in China

The public rarely recognizes that electronic waste like discarded monitors, cell phones, PCs, circuits, and keyboards contain thousands of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury. Fewer still are aware that many “recyclers” ship our electronic waste to places like India and China where it pollutes rivers, contaminates workers, and poisons drinking water.

We’re working with Chintan in India to help build a case to put better regulations and processes in place to reduce the impact of e-waste on workers and the environment. Meanwhile, we hope to bring our experiences back home to the US through this blog.

As much as I am looking forward to meeting our allies in both Hong Kong and India, experience their culture, and hopefully make a difference, I am also a bit nervous. As a vegan and animal rights activist I have done a number of investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses and suffering is always hard to see. I know the human and animal suffering I will witness won’t be pleasant, but the point is for us to help create changes in the lives of those who need it.

We’ll post our thoughts, experiences, and ideas along with video a few times a week. Your comments are always welcome.

– Lauren Ornelas (Campaign Director of SVTC)

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Great to see the SVTC team blogging.

With the mainstream media driving public hysteria about gas prices, mortgage lending, and other economic concerns back home – now more than usual – it’s easy for us to forget about issues abroad that still maintain significance.

Kudos to the SVTC team for making this journey to bring exposure to the situation of the people in India and Hong Kong who process the e-waste produced by those of us in the west. This is an important issue and I appreciate your efforts.