A Unanimous Decision

So simple. As simple as any decent decision should be.

No controversy. One that I honestly believe every individual, who does not seek to profit from abusing the environment and people, would agree.

Yesterday, the Santa Clara County board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ensure that e-waste from our county is not dumped overseas to developing countries or to prisoners.

E-waste recyclers in our county now need to abide by an e-Stewards Enterprise Licensing Agreement.

This is an issue where the Board of Supervisors have taken a huge step forward to take a stand, whereas the U.S. government and the State of California (in particular the Department of Toxic Substances Control) have been silent on.

By using their authority to end the export of electronic waste generated by our county from being dumped overseas, they have:

1.       Created jobs: By keeping our e-waste within the U.S. to be dismantled, they are creating the potential to create jobs right here.

2.       Ensured that, in this area, the Santa Clara County government is a responsible environmental stewards to the planet and its people.

I was pleased that there was no controversy surrounding this issue as there should be nothing political or even questionable about this decision.