Check out SVTC’s Solar Scorecard

When we returned from our tour of solar facilities in Germany, we realized that each solar company seems to have strengths and weakness in different areas and in order for us to help the industry move to be more just and sustainable – it might be a good idea to compare them. This way companies can see what it means to be a truly green company and can strive to meet those standards. 

Since our “Towards a Just and Sustainable Solar Industry” report launched last year, we have heard from consumers (both large and small) who are interested in buying from those solar companies that live up to their image of creating green jobs and a green product. 

Earlier this week, we launch our scorecard, which you can order or view at

 The Scorecard has gotten national and international coverage, appearing in some of the industry’s top email newsletters.

 See for yourself where the solar companies rank when it comes to takeback and responsible recycling; green jobs and supply chain monitoring; chemical reduction; and disclosure.  

 Some companies knew they would rank high while others didn’t even bother to respond. We are already getting request from companies that want to make sure they can participate in the next scorecard.

 We hope those companies  scoring an “eclipse” will let the sun shine on their practices.