More manufacturing should lead to more recycling

IMS research recently released their list of the top 10 PV module producers in 2009. You can see the list below or you can read the full article.

  1. First Solar
  2. Suntech Power Holdings
  3. Sharp Electronic Corporation
  4. Yingli Green Energy Holding Co.
  5. Trina Solar Limited
  6. Sunpower Corporation
  7. Kyocera Corporation
  8. Canadian Solar Inc.
  9. SolarWorld AG.
  10. Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

While it’s great that two of these companies, First Solar and SolarWorld, already have recycling programs, considering that these 10 companies make up the vast majority of the market that leaves a lot of panels that might not be recycled responsibly.

Many of these companies are also expanding. Earlier this year Kyocera announced that it is opening a manufacturing plant in San Diego, and SunPower is planning a 75 MW plant in Milpitas. SunPower’s plant alone is expected to create 100 jobs, and if we think further down the panel’s lifecycle, imagine how many jobs can be created by recycling panels from all the companies.