SVTC’s Top Ten: Why Solar Companies Must Take Back & Responsibly Recycle

#1 – Recycling laws save lives and protects human health and the environment

#2 – Mandatory takeback and recycling will create jobs in the U.S.

#3 –Programs in the 21st century should measure their success by how much of their recycled materials are actually used in the production of new products.

#4Mandatory takeback and recycling laws can help stop sham recycling

#5Develop Panel Recycling Infrastructure

#6 Consumers who buy solar panels have already proven that they are willing to make an investment in order to protect the environment.

#7Companies who want to recycle their panels won’t be able to justify recycling investments

#8 – If the solar industry doesn’t take proactive steps to develop and support a federal law on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), they will most likely be at the mercy of a patchwork of different laws enacted at the state and local levels.

#9 – Mandatory recycling will allow companies to set up viable recycling financing systems.

#10 – Irresponsible companies shouldn’t get a free ride

SVTC’s report, Toward a Just and Sustainable Solar Energy Industry, came out a year ago and exposed the not-so-green side of the solar industry.  We opened a global discussion on the need for takeback and responsible recycling of solar panels.  SVTC’s history is one that examines issues in both production and the end-of-life of electronics.

As an organization that wants to see the solar industry succeed, we hope to work with solar companies to take full responsibility for the environmental and health impacts of their products. The first step is for solar companies to takeback and responsibly recycle solar panels (no export and no prison labor).

Over the next several weeks, SVTC’s executive director, Sheila Davis, will share, “SVTC’s Top 10: Why Solar Companies Must Take back & Responsibly Recycle.”

The posting of these blog entries will lead up to the release of SVTC’s Solar Scorecard, which will be released in late March. The scorecard will rank companies according to their takeback policies, supply chain monitoring, chemical use, lifecycle analysis, and willingness to be transparent.


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