#4 – Mandatory takeback and recycling laws can help stop sham recycling

Mandatory takeback and recycling laws that enforce uniform recycling standards will ensure high standards and sustainable practices throughout the solar industry. Without basic standards the solar industry can expect to have its reputation damaged by a few solar companies who take the take the low-road and take shortcuts that lead to dumping and environmental degradation.

Recycler Certification

Recyclers need to be held accountable. A certification program will guarantee that recycling facilities are operating safely and handling the materials properly and following all of the environmental, labor, and health and safety laws.

Downstream monitoring

Standards for supply chain monitoring will require companies to know who is in the recycling supply chain. Solar companies won’t be able to hand-off their panels to a first tier processor and wash their hands. Solar companies who elected to work with third-party recyclers should be able to track their materials to final disposition.


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