Good Jobs Green Jobs – Healthy Jobs?

Next week, Sheila and I head out to the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in D.C. It will be an interesting mix of environmentalists, business people and a great lineup of legislative speakers.

Not to mention this will be the first time Sheila and I go to D.C. with Obama in office!

We’ll be at the conference to garner more support from the people working in the solar field for the lifecycle thinking of solar. We need industry and political decision-makers to ensure the entire lifecycle of solar panels is just and sustainable; from fair labor practices for the workers (many in China) to responsible recycling (no prison labor, no export) of solar panels.

The opportunity to make a meaningful and immediate difference on the environmental impact of solar manufacturing, recycling, and labor conditions is really exciting. The solar crowd is full of people with good intentions for the environment and a genuine interest in the issues. We’ve started a lot of productive conversations since we announced the solar report.

Solar has the potential to be one of the best ways for us to get energy with little impact on the planet and its inhabitants – and we are on the cusp of making it green and sustainable.

Unfortunately, I can’t be as optimistic about the Digital TV Transition, which will put a lot of analog TVs into the waste system. The senate voted to delay the DTV switch, but the House voted not to. I hope that Obama or others in the house can delay the transition on behalf of the people.

lauren Ornelas
Campaign Director
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

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