This is India…

We landed in Bangalore today – considered to be the Silicon Valley of India. There were no huge skyscrapers with names of electronics corporations like in Hong Kong – but this is India.

We traveled with two members of the Chintan staff as well as a recycler they have been working with. Our first meeting was with members of group called SAHAAS.

Today we went to visit a new dismantling facility in an area called Dobberspet. The drive was beautiful. We saw camels. Real camels. It was incredible.

Back to the recycling.

Seeing the dismantlers at work reinforced how electronics corporations need to change the way they manufacture their products. I can’t imagine that anyone who produces computers could see the recycling process and feel it makes sense for them to be dismantled in such a way. Even though this facility was new – it seems the de-construction of computers & electronics is well, still crude. Regardless of what specialists are brought in from what countries.

The fact that we are depleting this planet of all of her resources – it only seems logical to recover these metals versus continuing to mine.

– Lauren Ornelas (Campaign Director of SVTC)

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