Amusing Passport Problems and Introductory Labor Meetings

We landed safely in Hong Kong, but spent the first day of our journey at the US Consulate. The Hong Kong immigration officials noticed my passport erroneously calls me a male, confiscated our cell phones, and musingly let us in the country with a warning. The US consulate wanted to submitted the information to San Francisco for a new passport, which I don’t’ have time to wait for.

Serena and Lauren have taken to jokingly calling me Mr. Ma’am and Sir.

Today, we met with the Asian Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC). AMRC does labor organizing and health and safety trainings throughout Asia. They shared stories from their work in India and Indonesia.

Most of the workers in the electronic sectors in India and Indonesia are temporary or contract workers and the labor union concept is uncommon. According to AMRC staff, today’s electronics workers struggle to feed their families and often the health impact of their work – things like cancer – that won’t hit them for another 10-15 years, take a backseat to more immediate concerns.

AMRC invited us to join them in talking with workers and reinforced the importance of SVTC sharing our experiences from Silicon Valley with international groups.

Sheila Davis (Executive Director of SVTC)

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Isn’t it a shame that they messed your gender up but got your age right! Just joking, Mr. Davis!