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03/28/13 – Renewable Energy: Shining Light On Solar Energy Choices – Today’s Facility Manager

07/23/12 – NerdWallet’s Top 4 Bay Area Cleanup Nonprofits –, Angie Picardo

01/22/12 – State proposal to allow CRT glass into landfills imperils $2M Stockton plant –, Reed Fujii

01/11/12 – Consumer Electronics Show: Recycling Grows With E-Waste Spread – The Huffington Post, Peter S. Goodman


07/07/11 – Renewables: Investing in Geothermal – Mindful Money

07/01/11 – New E-Waste Regulations Introduced By State And Local Governments – The Huffington Post, Lynn Peeples

06/24/11 – State e-Waste Program Hits 1 Billion Pounds – The San Diego Union-Tribune, Mike Lee

06/15/11 – Do We Need Mandatory Recycling for Solar Panels? – Green Tech Media, Eric Wesoff

06/06/11 – E-waste Law Reaches a Milestone – San Jose Mercury News, Paul Rogers

04/14/11 – Top Solar Companies: Solar PV Module Manufacturers Get Graded and Ranked – Clean Technica, Zachary Shahan

04/13/11 – SolarWorld Earns Highest Green Score Among Top 10 PV Makers – Reuters UK, Leslie Guevarra (also appears in Green

04/13/11 – Green Issues Scorecard Ranks Solar Players – Green Economy, Caleb Denison

04/07/11 – A New Scorecard Ensures That Clean Tech Stays Clean – Time, Bryan Walsh

04/07/11 – How Green is the Solar Industry? – Solar Novus Today

04/07/11 – Solar Scorecard: how green is your solar panel? – SmartPlanet, Melissa Mahony

04/07/11 – SolarWorld tops green scorecard for solar PV producers – Renewal Energy Focus

04/06/11 – SolarWorld gets an ‘A’ from toxics coalition – Sustainable Business Oregon, Christina Williams

04/06/11 – How green are those solar panels, anyway? –, Todd Woody

04/06/11 – How clean is your solar? Report rates leaders on toxics, recycling policies – Greentech Pastures and ZDNet, Heather Clancy

04/05/11 – Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Reveals the Secret Dirtiness of the Solar Power Industry –, Ariel Schwartz

04/05/11 – SolarWorld, Trina Top Annual Solar Scorecard –,

04/05/11Solar panel manufacturing and disposal — is it green and safe? – LA Times, Tiffany Hsu


12/29/10 – Make money selling your old tech – MSNBC, Elsa Wenzel

12/23/10 – What Happens When You Throw That iPad Away – New Haven Independent, Gwyneth K. Shaw

11/10/10 – ‘Tis the Season to Recycle Electronics – ZDNet, Heather Clancy

11/09/10 – Annie Leonard Tells the Story of Electronics –, Amanda Wills

10/22/10 – Justice OIG: Prison E-Waste Recycling Endangered Inmates, Staff – Environment News Service

9/02/10 – The Most Dangerous Jobs in Technology – ComputerWorld, Elsa Wenzel

8/31/10 – Recycling Solar Panels – The Daily Green, Erica Gies

8/10/10 – Solar Waste Recycling: Can the Industry Stay Green?, Erica Gies

6/17/10 – Push to Regulate E-Waste in Silicon Valley The Bay Citizen, Jacob Simas

5/25/10 – Solar Becoming Greener But Key EU Decision On Cadmium Awaits In June TechPlus 360, Mark Boslet

5/01/10 – Watch The Waste – The Last Journey Your Computer Makes Needs to be a Responsible One The Hindu, Geeta Padmanabhan

4/22/10 – Time To Cut Back on Pasive Power & Toxic E-Waste Huffington Post, Larry Magid

4/16/10 – Solar Scorecard Assesses the Manufacture of Solar Panels Green News,

3/30/10 – Solar Power’s Dirty Secrets Marc Gunther, The Energy Collective

3/26/10 – Calyxo, SolarWorld Top Solar Module Scorecard Environmental Leader

3/25/10 – Solar Scorecard Tracks PV’s Real “Green” Nature Electro IQ

3/25/10 – Why Some Solar Panels Are Greener Than Others Danny Bradbury,

3/25/10 – Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Releases 2010 Solar Company Scorecard AZO Clean Tech

3/25/10 – German Companies Top Solar Company Scorecard

3/24/10 – SolarWorld Gets High Marks From Toxics Coaliton Sustainable Business Oregon

3/24/10 – Solar Energy Products Need Environmentally Responsible Standards, Says Study Nate Lew, Cooler Planet

3/24/10 – SVTC Gives SolarWorld Accolade for Sustainability

3/24/10 – SolarWorld Earns Top Score on SVTC’s Sustainability ‘Scorecard’ PV Society

3/23/10 – Silicon Valley Advocacy Group Rates Solar Module Manufacturers Tiffany Hsu, LA Times

3/23/10 – Solar Panels: Tomorrow’s Toxic Waste? Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones

3/23/10 – Solar’s Dirty Little Secret Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media

3/23/10 – Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Releases Solar Company Scorecard Fast Company, Ariel Schwartz

3/09/10 – What Can You Do With Electronic Waste Earth Talk, Business Ethics

1/06/2010 – Solar energy’s dirty little secret Todd Woody, Grist