In the summer of 2008, SVTC traveled to Delhi, India to document the living and working conditions of electronics dismantlers working in the informal sector. We visited Delhi neighborhoods where our partner, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, had established relationships with the workers. Disposed of televisions and computers lined the unpaved streets, and the recyclers living and working in these areas did not have access to proper electricity or running water.

Workers, including young children, dismantled various electronic devices, such as printer cartridges, which contain the known carcinogen carbon black, and CRT monitors, which contain lead, with a hammer.

In partnership with India based Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group and IMAK News and Entertainment, SVTC produced the documentary Citizens at Risk: How Electronic Waste is Poisoning the Pathway out of Poverty for India’s Recyclers.

Citizens at Risk can be ordered online, downloaded, or viewed streaming.

Read SVTC staff members’ thoughts and stories about their meetings with electronics recyclers and the community meeting that drew more than 200 recyclers.