Federal e-waste bill will reveal true intentions of companies and politicians

Good news! HR 6252, The Responsible Electronics Recycling Act, was introduced yesterday!

The purpose of the bill is to create a new section of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, that prohibits the export of “restricted electronic waste” from the U.S. to developing nations.

However, in order to support reuse, the bill will allow for tested and working equipment to be exported.

More information on the bill can be found here:


This legislation is long overdue. Finally, we have a bill that does what the U.S. has failed to do by not ratifying the Basel Convention and the BAN amendments.

This legislation will help determine who is committed to creating jobs and protecting the environment. In my mind, this legislation is where both electronics companies and politicians will show their true colors on this issue:

1. Where do they stand on jobs?

If our legislators believe in creating jobs in the U.S., then there will be overwhelming support for H.R. 6252.

Electronic companies have already shipped much, if not all, of the manufacturing jobs overseas to countries such as China. Electronic companies now have the chance to undo the harm caused by outsourcing and show their commitment to US workers by creating new recycling jobs here.

2. Where do they stand on the environment?

By supporting this legislation, companies are acknowledging the negative environmental impact of the current irresponsible e-waste recycling system.

Companies must prove that they care about the environment by creating e-waste recycling facilities here; which lessens their carbon footprint and ends some of the primitive ways that e-waste is currently handled overseas.

3. Where do they stand on protecting people?

I truly hope that not one company, nor legislator, in speaking against this bill, uses the ridiculous argument that they don’t support it because they worry that this will hurt the poor. This is offensive to the people in these countries who are being poisoned and whose natural resources are being contaminated. It is also offensive to the hard working people in this country who need jobs.

4. Taking Responsibility

More than anything – supporting this legislation would be a positive move towards taking responsibility for ourselves how we view ourselves as a globally responsible citizen.

SVTC will keep you informed when we need your support in contacting legislators and companies.

We will work to keep you informed on the companies who support this legislation and those that work to oppose it.